Social Media

Intro: Social Media

When we asked one of our advisors Dr. Jill Wieder PhD, a clinic psychologist, “What is the biggest problem in teen mental health right now?” Her response was: Internet exposure.

Dr. Wieder describes it like this: "Teens are getting way too much internet exposure to things that they are not ready to deal with, and they don’t have anybody to process it with.

There is too big of a world for them. They are in this transition between childhood and adulthood, and that is a very challenging place. As a child your parents really have control over everything that you are doing, and as an adult you can make life decisions on your own. However, in this in between phase where they aren’t really children, the exposure creates a world that is unmanageable for them.

By nature teens feel older than they are, and because of that they try to handle things that they are not equipped to handle. The internet feeds into that teenage sense of omnipotence."

That is why we have worked to create this program that helps parents learn about and navigate social media. The more knowledge you have as a parent, the better equipped you may be do deal with the challenges that come up with your teens.


Questions We Will Answer

Who is using it?
What are they doing?
When should you be concerned?
Where can you set boundaries?
Why is it cool???

You don't have to do this alone.

Raising a teen takes a village. There are a host of resources that are available to support you in raising your teen. We have a list or resources available on our resource tab. Mentorship is a good option to support your teen by giving them access to someone who can relate to them, especially in regard to understanding social media and the digital world. For more info, visit our website at